1688 English version: 1688.com

1688.com is a Chinese website which is hard to understand. But don’t despair any longer, I will tell you how to visit the 1688-page in English. So the 1688 English version could be found here!

Steps for 1688 English version: Translated 1688.com

To visit the 1688 English website follow these few easy steps:

1. Go to translate.google.com.
2. Set languages translate Chinese to English
3. Type down www.1688.com to translate that site. Press enter to translate.
4. Follow the link of the result.

You will be redirected to the original 1688.com website, but translated by Google Translate services.

Alternatively, follow the link below to the instant Google-translated 1688 English version:
Translated English version of 1688.com

1688 English version translated

As a result you could browse the website through Google Translate service. Convenient, isn’t it? You will be able to tell which links you could select and what the translation is of the content. All the Chinese text has been translated from Chinese to English. This might look a bit crappy interface-wise but it it was it is.

Off course you could translate the website to other languages but the main idea still remains. You need to browse through the website using Google translate. In that way languages other than English are possible: Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Polish, whatever.

Another good thing is Google translate services stays along with you while browsing the 1688.com page. So you don’t need to keep going back to the translation page of Google. So easy navigating through the website!

What if Google doesn’t work?

Yet in some countries Google services are blocked. If the above solutions doesn’t work, try the following steps:

1. Go to www.worldlingo.com.
2. Type down www.1688.com in the field for the URL.
3. Set the languages from Chinese Simplified to English. When finished Press “Translate”.
4. Follow the link of the result.

After finishing the above steps you will visit a limited translated version of the website. This isn’t perfect but at least you have something.

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